RosieWelcome, welcome! I’m glad you found me. My name is Jenn, I live in Seattle, and yes, I’m obsessed with food and dogs. No, my two passions don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but I’m blogging about them anyway and I hope to meet some other foodies and dog lovers along the way!

I created this site in 2012 as part of a New Year’s resolution to cook more, eat out less, and hopefully save a little money in the process. With my bulldog, Rosie, at my side, I’m proud to say that I managed to keep my resolution – and I’m still going strong. Since its inception, my blog has evolved into a place where I share recipes, triumphs and failures in the kitchen, food and dog-based events in the Seattle-area, all rolled up with some comic relief from my love, my heart, my bulldog.

Enough talk. Lets fire up the burners and see what happens!

You can email me at:



3 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Nice to meet you. You have a fun blog going, I have to look more into it! By the way: my family and I are bulldog lovers as well. Ours is 7 and his name is Rupert. Have a look on my blog. Not many pics, but I think one under About Me

    1. What a cute pup you have. Rupert has the same coloring as my dog Rosie! I love your pumpkin chili recipe (and your whole site) Can’t wait to try that recipe tho! Definitely pinning it now!

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