7 Days in Tokyo: Day One – Shinjuku & Harijuku (Part Two)

Meiji Jingu Shrine

They talk about beginners luck, but we experienced some serious travelers luck right off the bat in Tokyo. On our first full day, we walked from our hotel to the the Meiji Shrine early in the morning on a Saturday, which happened to be the perfect time to see a traditional wedding ceremony pass by.

Wedding Ceremony
Meiji Shrine Grounds
Prayers at the shrine
Sake barrels, gifts to the shrine

Harijuku: Takeshita Street

Cue the Gwen Stefani. Hey Harijuku girls, hey! The neighborhood’s famous fashion district is just a short walk from the Meiji Shrine, and a stroll down the teen pop rue was high on my Tokyo bucket list. Keep your head on a swivel to take in all the colorful shops, eateries, clothing, and billboards. And for heaven’s sake, get yourself a crepe while you’re there.


Robot Restaurant

Nothing quite prepared me for the funhouse I was about to enter at the Robot Restaurant. From the moment you step foot into the labyrinth, you encounter a dizzying hall of wall-to-wall lights, mirrors and colors. Think Willie Wonka meets Liberace on acid. It’s everything you imagine Tokyo will be. The show itself, featuring dueling animatronic robots, gave me a perma-smile. It was an hour of pure joy. But perhaps my favorite part was the pre-show room where there was a robot playing pop hits on a guitar. Day One Mission: Accomplished.


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