DIY Lavender Dryer Bags

It’s harvest time for my early blooming lavender plants. I’ve been bundling and drying my beauties for a couple weeks, and now I have a healthy collection of dried lavender buds to craft with.

Last year, I showed you how to dry lavender and collect the buds for crafting or to set out as a fragrant decoration. This year, I wanted to put my lavender buds to use in the laundry room as an all-natural replacement for dryer sheets. My sheets and towels come out of the dryer smelling like they’ve been hanging in a lavender field all day. I LOVE it!

Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating your own lavender dryer bags:

Step One:  Dry Lavender Buds

As I mentioned, you can harvest your own buds if you have lavender growing in the garden. For a how-to CLICK HERE. If you don’t have a garden, you can buy pre-dried lavender buds through Amazon or a local lavender farm. Once you’ve separated the dried buds from the plants, you’re ready to create your dryer bags.

Step Two: Fill Bags

Since you don’t want the lavender buds to spill into the clothes dryer, it’s important to make sure they’re secured.

  1. I started by filling a small drawstring organza bag with lavender buds. I had luck finding organza bags at the craft store in the wedding favor aisle. (NOTE: Don’t fill the bag too full. Make sure you can pull the drawstring and knot it securely without any buds peeking out).

2. I double bagged my lavender buds by putting the organza bag into a larger cotton muslin drawstring bag. You can find them HERE through Amazon. Make sure to pull the drawstring tight and knot it securely.

Step Three: Ready for Laundry

It’s time to freshen up your laundry! Give your lavender buds a few squeezes through the bag to release the scent. For a little extra pop, sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the bag, then pop it in the dryer with clothing or towels and let the lavender do its thang! Each bag should be good for 3-4 laundry cycles.


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