Strawberry Mint Cocktail

If you’re thinking of growing an herb this summer, make it mint! The drink options alone are worth the planter space. It’s amazing how a few sprigs of mint can totally transform a standard cocktail. It’s my latest obsession in my Summer of Mint series.

Vodka and 7s (or Sprites, or any other lemon-lime soda) are basic go-to’s for the home bar, but when you’re not feeling like a basic b’ – adding a hint of mint and strawberries will totally up your summer cocktail game, and it takes almost no extra effort!


I took about 5 sprigs of mint, sliced a strawberry and muddled the two at the bottom of a cocktail glass. Then add a shot of vodka and top with ice and your favorite lemon/lime soda for a minty-citrus refresher.

5 mint leaves
1 strawberry, sliced
1 shot vodka
Lemon Lime soda

1. Put mint and strawberries in and empty cocktail glass, muddle
2. Add vodka and ice, top with lemon lime soda.
3. Stir and enjoy!


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