Making a Garden Wreath

So, it turns out I have a craft store hiding right in plain sight in my yard. My garden is providing me with most of the raw materials I need to make a fresh, seasonal wreath.

This spring, I attended a “Crafting in the Garden” seminar with Garden Therapy at the NW Flower and Garden show and it changed the way I’m thinking about my overgrown plants. I absolutely love my Rosemary. My two plants have grown and and expanded so quickly in just one year. I put fresh Rosemary in everything, and there is still an abundance of sprigs to work with. Using Garden Therapy’s guide for creating homemade garden wreaths, I put my own fresh door wreath together in about an hour! (Be sure to check out her site for a step-by-step guide!)

I started small using a small grapevine wreathform as a base (available at actual brick and mortar craft stores – not my garden, lol)

For my foliage, I cut a big bunch of Rosemary and holly sprigs with some of the colorful berries. (WARNING: if you have pets be careful when working with holly as the leaves and berries are poisonous to dogs. Keep the sprigs away from animals while crafting!) As summer approaches and more of my garden comes to life, I plan to incorporate fresh lavender, basil, sage and dill into the wreaths as well!

Working with small bunches of foliage, I wrapped the base of each bunch with twine and then wrapped the same piece of twine around the wreathform to secure it in place. Without snipping the twine, continue layering and wrapping bunches of foiliage around the wreathform until it’s full.

My wreath lasted about two weeks and then the foliage started looking rough. I just cut off the dead foliage, put it in the compost bin and saved the wreathform for my next garden wreath craft. I love that it’s a “green” crafting activity. The wreathform can be used time and again, and the all-natural greenery is compostable! Have fun everyone and get growing!


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