Clean Eating Finale: Day 5

This is the end! I completed my 5-day clean eating challenge last week (I’m just a little late with my wrap-up post!)

I’ll start with a recap of my meal plan and then dive in to the takeaway from this experience.

Morning:  A Boathouse Farms Daily Greens and Fruit Juice.

Lunch: Southwest Spinach Salad with Chicken

Snack: Almonds, string cheese, kiwi

Dinner Out: (DATE NIGHT!) Veggie Fajitas at a Mexican restaurant


My goal for this week was pretty simple: eat strictly clean, real food  for 5 days straight (and hopefully feel better!)

It was a rough road at the beginning. If you’ve been following along, the week started out with intense headaches and nausea, which is out of the ordinary for me so I can only attribute it to the fact that I cut processed sugar, bread and caffeine all at once, cold turkey. In general, I consider myself a healthy eater, so I was shocked by how severely I felt the withdrawal symptoms. I knew I had a problem with eating every sugary treat I could get my hands on, but I didn’t realize how much my eating habits actually revolved around coffee, bread and processed sugar. It was a wake-up call.

I can honestly say though, that I was happy to endure the throbbing in my head because I knew I was making a change for the better.

Moving Forward:

I’m nearly a week removed from this challenge, and I’m determined to keep up many of the good habits that I’ve developed.

  1. I’m looking for more clean foods at the grocery store
  2. I’m back in the habit of food prepping so I have healthier meals to take to work instead of scrounging for something fast that probably isn’t the best choice.
  3. I’m cutting out processed sugar for the rest of Lent (This will be the year I make it all 40 days!)
  4. I’m reintroducing coffee and bread, but in moderation.
  5. I’m managing expectations. I can’t say that in the future I won’t fall off the wagon completely, but if I do, I have the success of one clean eating challenge under my belt. I know now that I’m capable, and I can do it again!

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