Clean Eating Challenge: Day 4

When it comes to food choices, today was a day of extreme highlights and lowlights in my clean eating challenge. Decipher that as: I went off the wagon for dinner… way off… I had pizza (and not a veggie pizza, the greasy stuff). I’m here to be transparent to you all, and to myself, so I’ll come clean without making excuses.

 It’s easier to stick to clean eating when you’re at home, in control of each meal – but we can’t be hermits. I was on the go all day at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. Since you can’t take food in, I thought I was going to be stuck with burgers, calorie-packed sandwiches and other conference food, but I totally lucked out! I forgot that I was in Seattle – one of the booths had a Wild Salmon Salad from Pike Place Market. It worked out perfectly.

 After a day of seminar hopping and vendor shopping, I was famished so I grabbed an apple for the way home – another score! That’s when it all went off the rails…

I was so tired at the end of the day I wasn’t even up for assembling some of the pre-cooked ingredients I had in the fridge. I also knew I had a husband to feed who wouldn’t go for my menu. When he suggested picking up a pizza on his way home from work, I didn’t fight him. That’s that. The good news is, I didn’t let it sink me. It was a slip, but not a fall. I’m not giving up on the week. There will be more clean eating tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Clean Eating Challenge: Day 4

    1. I had the same withdrawal symptoms the first day. A truly splitting headache, nausea and lethargy. I’m glad I’m past all that!

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