Fall Favorites 2015

This is the time of year that I totally fall for fall in the PNW. I’ve accepted the fact that summer is long gone, but we’re not staring old man winter in the face quite yet. I’m swooning over all of the scents, the tastes and the cozy feels of season. Here are my favorite fall finds of 2015. Nope, I wasn’t paid to endorse any of these products. I just love ’em, so I’m sharing ’em with you!

Fall Scents

Candles are my favorite way to go all-in on the season at hand. If you’re overdosing on pumpkin by now, Yankee Candle’s Fall Fragrance Collection steps out of the pumpkin zone with scents like Brandy Pear Tart, Vanilla Bourbon, Autumn in the Park, and Cranberry Chutney. I’m toning down the pumpkin overload with the subtle, yet oh-so-fall, Apple Pumpkin candle!

Asymmetrical Sweaters & Houndstooth


Every fall, I sink into a deep obsession with a certain style. Last year, it was boots and anything faux leather. This fall, I am on the hunt for asymmetrical sweaters and houndstooth. New York and Company is on the same page with my affection for asymmetry. I just ordered four sweaters to carry me through the fall and winter. The houndstooth sweater pictured above is from H&M. It has a zip-up back and is adorable with jeans and flats.

Spooky Pours


The kids can keep the candy. Momma is craving a more wicked treat. It’s no trick, these spooky pours will set the stage for the perfect (adult) Halloween soiree. With names like Handsome Devil, Apothic Dark, and The Velvet Devil, you can be devilishly in style for Halloween.

Baked Pumpkin Seeds

We are a house divided on roasted pumpkin seeds. I like them, my husband doesn’t. Last week, I made these Roasted Rosemary Pumpkin seeds for a savory and salty fall snack.

A Peek Ahead To The Holidays


I know, I know. One season at a time. This etched red Christmas stemware tho! I can’t help myself. I walked into Pier 1 last weekend and I was totally sucked in by all the sparkly Christmas decor. I want to live at Pier 1 during the Christmas season! No, seriously, I’m ready to move in.

A few more pre-holiday favorites: Frosted Snowflake Stemware, Plaid Appetizer Plates, Christmas Puppies Salad Plates, and Snowflake Glass Salad Plate


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