How to spend a 6 hour layover at O’Hare Airport

 So, you’re stuck at O’Hare.

First off, I hope you’re going somewhere super fun and exciting to make it worth the wait. If not, I’m sorry… so you might as well make the most of your 6 hour layover by killing time in the most fun/least painful way.

I had an epic layover on my way from Seattle to Michigan this week. I was pretty sure I would die of boredom, but thankfully O’Hare is a great airport with a lot of activities to occupy your time. Here’s how I survived my 6 hour layover:

1. Try to catch an earlier flight

First rule of layovers: don’t settle for a layover. I love air travel. Love it. I love getting coffee, reading trash mags, and passing out on a plane – drool and all –  but let’s face it, most of the time we just want to get where we’re going. Your first stop should be at the gate to to see if you can get on an earlier flight. If not, well, you’re here. For a while. A long while. Let’s kill some time.

 2. Airport Spa

I put off getting a vacation manicure at home because I knew I’d have plenty of time at the airport. The Spa: Terminal Getaway is settled  between the K and G terminals and it was a treat to pamper myself. $25 for a mani and great service. You can also get a pedi or a massage to help melt away the minutes to wheels up.

 2. Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayliss

Not only are these handmade Mexican sandwiches a fast and tasty bite, the seating bar makes for incredible airport people-watching. I love picking out my favorite outfits, shoes and hairstyles on the people passing by. The food is amazing and it won’t break the layover bank. About $10 for a sandwich and well worth every bite. You can’t go wrong with Rick Bayliss!

 3. Cocktail Hour: Bubbles Wine Bar

Right across from Tortas is a Bubbles Wine Bar. Pull up a seat, sip a glass of bubbly and make a new friend. I love finding out where people are going and what brings them to the airport.

 4. Get creative, and hope you remembered to pack a good book!

Depending on how fast you sip your Chardonnay, you’ve probably made it past the hump. Now’s the time to browse the gift shops, buy a magazine, or pull out your book.

5. Write a blog post on how to survive a 6 hour layover.

Ok, this one is pretty self-serving, but even I wasn’t a blogger I could also kill massive amounts of time by checking and responding to my never-ending barrage of work email. Find a way to be productive. Put that iPad/ laptop to work.


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