It’s Tulip Time At Whole Foods & Tulip Tips

Photo courtesy Whole Foods

March is starting on a very bright note here in the Pacific Northwest. A mild winter and an early blossom means we’re starting to see the first splashes of color in the tulip farms! In fact, The Tulip Festival will open a little early this year, on March 27.

If a flower could smile, no question – it would look like a tulip. I think they’re one of the happiest flowers on earth. If you can’t wait until late March to tip-toe through the fields in the Skagit Valley, you can brighten your home with “happiness in a vase” at Whole Foods Market’s annual tulip one-day sale.

On Friday, March 6, Whole Foods is offering three 10-stem bunches of tulips for just $10 — that’s 30 stems! One bunch for you… two to share. And what perfect timing, Sunday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. Show the inspirational women in your life how much they mean to you with spring’s finest flower. (Offer valid in BC, WA & OR)
Tulip Tips:
*After buying tulips, cut the stem ends on an angle and place in clean, cold water.
*Arrange tulips with or without twigs and remove any leaves that fall below the water line. Remember that the tulips will grow taller.
*Use fresh, cold water with no additives to help them live longer.
*Use a tall vase to support the growing stems or cut shorter for use in smaller containers.
*Tulips prefer the cold, so keep them in a cool spot away from bright lights and heat.


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