Central Market

central marketOne of the things I sorely miss about living so close to downtown Seattle is the ability to get to Pike Place market so quickly and conveniently. The market is such a magical place to browse, even if you only need to pick up one piece of fish or a bunch of asparagus for dinner. After moving north of downtown, I’ve discovered what can only be described as a mini Pike Place called Central Market. Anyone who’s lived in the neighborhood for a while probably knows it well, and they might not find a grocery store as jaw-dropping as I do, but let me tell you… this place is amazing! Yes, I’m in love with a grocery store! I feel like I’m browsing around a wider, less crowded Pike Place.
So, what’s so special about Central Market? Well, let me take you on a little tour:
1. Extensive Asian Food Section
If you can’t make it to a traditional Asian market, this is the next best thing. The selection is incredibly extensive. Just about any ingredient you can think of his here: kimchi, seaweed, miso, tofu, a wide selection of sauces, noodles and rice – just to name a few. There are at least two full aisles of dry, refrigerated and frozen products.
central market asian
central market asian aisle2. Extensive Seafood Selection
This is where Central Market really shines. The only thing missing is the flying fish from Pike Place. You can pick up picture-worthy fresh fish on ice and in the case, live lobster and crab, and pack-your-own frozen scallops, shrimp and squid. They also have a fresh sushi counter if you’re in the mood for some rolls.
central market fresh fish
central market fish
central market frozen
central market crab3. Deli Section
Central Market doesn’t skimp on the deli section. There’s an impressive selection of homemade sandwiches and meals (tamales, lasagna, salad, quiche, and pizza the size of a toddler!) Plus, check out the antipasto case…that’s just the olive side!
central market olivesYou want cheese? They got cheese! Plenty of it.. stinky, brie, sharp, shredded. Welcome to fromage heaven. It’s a thing of beauty!
central market cheeseAnd here’s a look at the homemade soups that are ready to buy. We picked up the Lobster Bisque and a pouch of Chicken Tagine.
central market soup4. Bulk Syrup and Honey
This is one of my favorite surprises. You can fill up on local honey, agave, maple syrup, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in BULK!
central market honey5. Locally Made Products
It’s the “Best of Seattle” in one place. CM draws from many of the city’s most popular bakeries and craft foodmakers including Macrina and Beecher’s.
central market marinaThey even make their own tortillas in house! Soft, chewy… so good!
central market tortilla6. Fresh Produce
Like every other department, CM has almost any fruit or veggie you could think of… and some I didn’t even know existed. The veggie case was so long, I couldn’t fit it one picture (see below). If you’re a veggie lover, you will fall in love. If you’re not a veggie lover, you’ll have a change of heart. The vibrant colors and perfectly shaped food has me dreaming of making one heckuva stir fry!
central market veggies



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