An Afternoon in Pinehurst, Seattle

Northerners Off Leash DogNew year, new house and a new neighborhood to explore! This is my first “An Afternoon In…” post of 2015 and the first since my husband and I bought a house in Seattle’s Pinehurst neighborhood. Now that we’re officially unpacked, I was itching to check out the new ‘hood and spend an afternoon at some of the dog-friendly spots in Pinehurst.

1. Northacres Off-Leash Dog Area
Rosie and I are so excited to have an off-leash dog park just a few blocks away from our house! This was our inaugural visit to the Northacres Off-Leash Dog Area and we had a ball!

It’s been quite rainy in Seattle lately – go figure, right – so the entrance and open space area was a little muddy, but not bad. Shooting off either side of the open space is a large  circular pathway to explore. All along the path there are little nooks, shortcuts and mossy trails.
Pinehurst off leash

Off Leash SeattleI love the layout, however the narrow trail can be a bit tricky to navigate if there are a lot of dogs bottlenecked in one area. It happened once or twice. We made one loop around and made a few friends along the way before it was off our our next stop!
Pinehurst dog park

2. Bark Espresso
Our afternoon was caffeinated courtesy of Bark Espresso, a dog-friendly cafe a short drive from the dog park. Bark has a special lounge for people and their pets. Yep, you can bring your pal inside to fuel up with a cappuccino (for the humans) and a peanut butter latte (for the pups). This is my go-to spot for coconut lattes! You can also snack on a pastry or a limited menu of sandwiches.
bark espresso 4

bark espresso 1Bark features local artists, and it just so happens that on our visit the lounge was covered in paintings of English Bulldogs!
bark espresso 2bark espresso 3

3. Great Dog
Right next door to Bark Espresso is the Great Dog daycare, obedience center, grooming and retail shop. It’s worth a peek while your car is parked. You might even run into one of the owners dogs who greet guests with a friendly  smile and wag of the tail!

What are your favorite dog-friendly spots?


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