DIY Canvas Art: Circles

DIY Canvas
We’ve been in our new house for almost a month and I couldn’t wait to tackle my first easy, money-saving decor project: Canvas Art! I love three piece abstract canvas collections, but they are often outrageously overpriced in stores and online. Not to mention, they’re normally just mass produced prints. I decided I could create a collection that is just as chic and perfectly matches my home’s color scheme for a fraction of the price. I went with a circle theme and I’m so happy with the way my canvas art turned out!

So, here’s what you’ll need to create your own three piece circle canvas art:
*3 Canvases, size of your choosing (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)
*Acrylic Paint, at least 3 different colors plus a base color if you decide to cover the white canvas completely (these normally cost less than $2 dollars – a small bottle is all you’ll need)
*Plastic Cups and/or Dixie Cups (one for each circle color)
*Large round plastic garbage pail (yes, really) – an alternative would be paper plates with a rounded ridge.
*Circle Stencils
*Sponge Tip Paint Brushes – one for each color
canvas art cupsINSTRUCTIONS

Day 1. First, I painted all three canvases a deep gray. It serves as a base color and lends continuity to all three canvases. Allow the canvases to dry for 24 hours.
canvas stencilDay 2. I used my stencils, garbage pail and cups to create circles of various sizes on the canvases. Start with the circles you plan to completely fill in, we’ll do the outlined circles tomorrow! To create your color circles with a stencil, hold the stencil flat against the canvas, then using your sponge brush make long strokes from the edge of the stencil toward the middle of the canvas to create an edge that won’t bleed. Fill in the circle with color.
canvas paint
To create color circles using plastic cups and garbage pails, dip the rim of the cup/pail in paint until it’s fully coated. Carefully stamp down on the canvas. Lift up slowly to prevent splashing of paint. Then fill in the outline with paint. Allow your colored circles to dry for 24 hours.
Canvas art
Day 3. It’s time to make your outlined circles. I overlapped the outlines with the circles that are filled in. Take your cups and garbage pails, dip the rim in paint until it’s fully coated. Stamp down on the canvas and hold for a few seconds. Carefully, lift up on the cup/pail to avoid color splashing. Allow to dry for 24 hours.




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