Seattle Animal Shelter Giving Tree

SAS Giving Tree 1The more ornaments, the merrier. That’s true for most Christmas trees, but there’s one Christmas tree in particular that would be beyond beautiful with no decorations at all.
SAS Giving TreeThe Giving Tree at the Seattle Animal Shelter has been trimmed with ornaments featuring pictures of shelter dogs, cats, and critters that need a little help this holiday season. Each ornament has a donation amount on the back along with the corresponding treatment or care plan that your money will pay for, like blood tests or medication. The animals will thank you, and you be able to keep that warm feeling all season long by taking your ornament home as a keepsake. It’s a wonderful way to give back and support Seattle’s shelter animals this holiday season, especially if you’re not in the position to adopt.
Giving TreeIf you ARE thinking about expanding the family and bringing a shelter animal home for the holidays, good news, SAS is extending its $15 “Home For The Holidays” adoption promotion through December 31. (Excludes two-year license fees) With regular adoption prices of up to $145 (plus applicable license fees), this promotion offers up to $130 in savings! Learn more about what the adoption fee covers here.


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