Vera Seattle

Vera SeattleSome days I want to hire my own personal glam-squad who will come to my door and help me with the grunt work of facing life. Day after day, the pattern is the same: blow dry my hair (its such a tedious and mind-numbing process -sometimes there’s a round brush involved, most days there isn’t), finish the job with a wet/dry straightening iron, spray, tease, spray, launch my makeup routine (which I have down to a science) and pray that the look is not going to draw any stares of horror at work or in public.

I’m sure busy moms have it much worse. Finding time to properly blow dry your hair is a luxury most women can’t make time for – and forget going to a salon with one or more fussy kids in tow. Whether you’re like me and you just need a break from the monotony, or you simply can’t find the time to get a blowout at the salon, there’s a solution coming for women in Seattle: Vera. The hair and makeup artists come to you! In your home! You can get glam in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee in hand if you like. I got a chance to try out the up and coming at-home makeup and blowout styling service as it works toward launching in Seattle.

Vera Hair Stylist
Vera Hair

The brains behind Vera wondered, if you can use an app to summon an Uber car or food to your doorstep, why not a hair and makeup stylist? Eventually, Vera plans to launch such an app, which will serve as the ultimate matchmaking service for stylists and clients. Think Instagram for hair and beauty. Women will be able to look at reviews, portfolios, and prices before choosing a stylist and booking appointments. The company is still in the early stages, but it’s looking for clients and stylists to sign up for the “VIP Beta Experience” on the website.

I met with one of the company’s founders Priya Dandawate and stylist Ain Mulikdwa last week for a little style sesh. For the hair, I just wanted a smooth bob with a little volume. They asked if they could do some makeup too for a video shoot. The end look was a pretty cool and dramatic mod look.

Vera’s four core principles are Etiquette, Quality, Attentiveness and Style.

My stylist was punctual, personable, friendly and came well-prepared. She had all the tools to get down to the business of transforming my look.

My stylist was confident in her ability and skills. She explained every step of her process and asked a lot of questions about how I normally do my hair and what works for me/what doesn’t work. I can be very shy about getting my hair done in public. I don’t like a lot of people staring at me, especially if my hair doesn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, so having the stylist come to my home was not only convenient, it was a more relaxing experience.

My stylist listened well to me. The crown of my head was great, but the bottoms were a smidgen too bouncy for my taste – nothing that a few swipes of a straightener couldn’t work out. I gave no instructions for the makeup so they could make the statement they were going for.

I would have liked a little more modern and a little less mod for the complete look, but overall it was a really fun experience. I gave a lot of free range for my session so the artist could play and experiment. I would love to work with her again.

Glamour in my PJ’s? Yeah, I’m all in! The full-fledged Vera app is still a few months away. The company expects to continue the testing phase for about three to six months.


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