La Parisienne

La ParisienneClose your eyes, imagine the Space Needle is the Eiffel Tower and you’ll believe that you’re walking down a quiet, out of the way street in Paris as you approach the La Parisienne bakery in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. From the quaint outdoor seating (and the petit chien who, I swear, was not staged as I took the picture above) to the chatter of employees speaking their native French inside the bustling bakery, La Parisienne is a taste of Paris in Seattle. croissant la parisienne Fresh baked goods greet you the moment you breeze through the tres chic red door. Love a pastry? Take your pick! Flaky almond and fruit filled croissants, meringues, quiche, jeweled fruit tarts, croque monsieur and, of course, a steaming grande cup of cafe au lait or cappuccino are all awaiting you. If nothing in the showcase strikes your French fancy (although I don’t know how that would be possible), you can order a freshly made baguette, salad or other temping treats from the menu. quiche la parisienne I will freely admit that I have developed somewhat of an obsession with La Parisienne. A healthy obsession though. Stopping in 3 times in one week is healthy, right?! As a girl who knows and loves her quiche, I’m slowly working my way through all of the varieties. So far, I’ve tried the mushroom (champignon), asparagus and prosciutto, and salmon quiche. All amazing, however I’m partial to the salmon. The fruit croissant is a winner too. Flaky, sweet but not too sweet, and too beautiful to eat. Almost! My suggestion: give yourself time to grab a seat in the cushion and pillow-lined seats along the window sill. Sit back, relax and savor every morsel and every sip of your order. Let the ambiance take you away to another world without ever leaving home. La Parisienne Seattle


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