Beyonce Who? You Oughta Know Meiko

Meiko in Seattle
I’m going to tone down the crazy, jump up and down, superfan excitement I’m feeling for the next hour as I tell you about this really incredible experience I had at a secret concert with my all-time favorite singer/songwriter… Meiko! (Enter squeal containment sequence!)

It’s rare for me to buy or download an entire album in this age of digital music. It’s become too easy just to buy the best one or two tracks from an artist and move on to the next song that catches your ear. Meiko is one of the few singers – or bands – of whom I can truthfully tell you: I know every word of every song she has ever released. She is my Beyonce, or Rihanna, or whoever the cool artists are these days.

I was hooked from the moment I heard “Boys With Girlfriends” on XM radio about 6 or 7 years ago. Who can’t get on board with a girl who calls out jealous girlfriends, am I right?! I thought, “this chick is the shiz and I need to hear more!” I quickly ran to my Zune, yes my Zune, and previewed some of the other songs on Meiko’s self-titled album, then promptly downloaded it – the best $10 I’ve ever spent on an album.

Artists, especially music artists, speak to different people for different reasons. I’m a sucker for mellow, yet wicked, breakup songs. It couldn’t be a better fit. As a 20-something girl living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I went to bed listening to the album most nights, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to meet Meiko, or get to tell her thank you for basically being the coolest chick to ever play a guitar!
Moving to Seattle gave me that chance. Meiko has played here several times, and I  actually met her once before, briefly, to get an album signed after a concert. When I heard she was coming back to do a cool secret concert/living room-style show, I jumped at the chance to spend 10 minutes with her chatting about this and that. I honestly don’t remember much. I was a ball of nerves and excitement. She was very gracious and answered all my questions. Thank goodness I recorded them on the Iphone because I’m pretty sure I had nerve-induced amnesia!
Here’s a snippet of our convo:

How do you feel about playing these living room shows with such an intimate audience?

M: I really love it because a lot of times I play solo shows and its just nice to know the audience is going to be quiet, it’s more of a listening room. I love playing house concerts so this is kinda the same deal.

They didn’t reveal the location of the show until after we bought the tickets. Do you think you’ll have some major superfans here tonight?

M: For me, I live in LA and i think it would be tough if I wasn’t a superfan to be like ‘ yeah I’ll go anywhere to see this girl play,’ so i think there will be some hard core fans here, which I love.

What do you think of Seattle? You caught us on a good day! It’s warm and the sun is shining!

M: It’s gorgeous! I walked around forever today and listened to music, listened to some 90’s grunge. I went to the EMP and stayed for a couple of hours. Very cool to see all the old guitars, guitars from the 1900’s.

Tell me about the new album you’re working on.

M: I’m doing pre-sales right now for an album that isn’t completely finished. I’m finishing it up, tying up loose ends this week, and it will come out in the fall, most likely early September. It’s called Dear You. I’m really excited about it.



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