Furry Friday #6: Davy Bones

Davy Bones 1
May is National Pet Month. That makes this week’s Furry Friday even more special! What better time to adopt a new family member from your local animal shelter! Here in Seattle, we’ve just been named the second most pampered pet city in the U.S. by Amazon.com. The star of today’s Furry Friday deserves to be pampered, spoiled and then some.
Davy Bones
Meet Davy Bones! (What a rock star name, right?) I’ve had the extreme pleasure of loving on this American Staffordshire Terrier mix for months at the Seattle Animal Shelter. I selfishly want to continue to see his sweet face each week, but I know he really needs a home to call his own.

I can attest to statements from his Petfinder profile that Davy Bones is smart as a whip and he learns new tricks extremely quickly. Check out this guy in action, he blows me away:

Davy would do best in a dog-experienced home with adults and teens, and it’s best if he’s in a home without cats or small dogs. To learn how to adopt Davy, CLICK HERE.

Celebrate National Pet Month by heading down to SAS and giving this handsome dude a look. I know he’ll steal your heart!


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