Furry Friday #5: Groovy

Picture courtesy: Seattle Animal Shelter/Petfinder

I’m really pulling for this week’s Furry Friday dog. Groovy has been in foster care for quite some time. While his foster parents have been taking excellent care of him, I know all of us at the Seattle Animal Shelter really hope he finds a forever home very soon.

Groovy is a 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. His foster says, “He listens really well to other dogs’ cues, and plays really well with like-minded dogs (i.e. that don’t mind some jawing and wrestling every once in a while).”

According to his Petfinder profile, this sweet, handsome pup (look at those bright blue eyes and perky ears!) is athletic and energetic, and he really enjoys training and learning new things. He loves being social around people as well as enjoying quiet time entertaining himself with chews and toys. He’s a good fit with teenagers and adults, and he wouldn’t mind a doggie brother or sister his age to play around with!

CLICK HERE to learn all about Groovy and how to adopt him. Keep in mind, Groovy’s adoption status could change at any time depending on the interest.
Click Here to see all the adoptable dogs at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Groovy SAS
Picture courtesy: Seattle Animal Shelter/Petfinder

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