Furry Friday #4: Henny

Seattle Animal Shelter
Photo courtesy: Petfinder/SAS

Dachshunds just make me smile. I think it’s in their DNA. Actually, it’s their long, stubby bodies and that waddle in their walk. I can’t help but love them! This week, I got to walk this cute-as-a-button redhead Dachschund at the Seattle Animal Shelter. And guess what? She’s available for adoption!

Meet Henny. She was nothing but sweet and gentle on her walk around the shelter Wednesday. According to her Petfinder profile, Henny is “seeking a calm, Zen-garden retirement home where I can join you for leisurely strolls (like most ladies with an hour glass physique, I want to work on my figure), snuggles on the couch and meaningful companionship.” See Full Profile Here.

SAS Henny
Photo courtesy: Petfinder/SAS

Henny would be wonderful in a mature home. In fact, senior citizens or disabled adults get a special discount if they’re interested in this precious pup.
Keep in mind, Henny’s adoption status could change at any time depending on the interest.
Click Here to see all the adoptable dogs at the Seattle Animal Shelter.


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