Plum Pantry

Plum Pantry Seattle“In Japan, plum blossoms are the first flowers to emerge from the dead of winter, symbolizing perseverance and hope for a better tomorrow.” What a beautiful concept for a restaurant. Plum Pantry at The Armory in Seattle Center and the other Plum restaurants are dedicated to making vegan dishes appealing and accessible to everyone. I’m not a rigid vegetarian or vegan, but I appreciate the value of delicious, plant-based, sustainable food that nourishes not only the body, but that part of our soul that longs for a new beginning, a reset, a do-over.
Plum Pantry
If you plan to take a trip to the Space Needle, or tour the Seattle Center grounds, Plum is a healthy and affordable option for recharging the batteries. I promise, you won’t even miss the meat. The staff recommended to me the hearty Tempeh Sandwich Box Lunch, which comes with a salad and a cookie or brownie. After I savored my lunch, I had to come back to the counter to say thank you for the suggestion because I enjoyed it that much.

Some of the other tempting selections:
The Signature Cajun Mac and Yease
Jamaican Jerk Tofu Sandwich
Mama Africa Salad
Raw Kale Tofu & Seaweed Salad
Food Menu Here
Plum Pantry Brownies
If you’re doing a detox, this is a great place to get your juice on!
Plum’s Juice Menu has a variety of fresh-squeezed juice and smoothie options: Spicy Carrot, Gingerlicious, Orange, and Spinach Kiwi and Chai Seed, just to name a few.

Ok, I recognize that no matter how much I gush and rave, there are those who prefer a more carnivorous meal. That’s the beauty of The Armory. There are multiple dining counters to choose from serving comfort food, BBQ, made to order pizza, savory pies, fish tacos, and much more. No generic food court food here. Almost each counter is a locally-owned business, so you know you’re getting food that’s been crafted and carefully created.

Here’s to your new beginning!

Plum Pantry Counter


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