As Seen on Pinterest: Tomato Recipes

I made a decent dent in my Pinterest boards this week. Let the pinning resume! I made a deal with myself a while back: no more browsing/pinning until I dig through through the hundreds of pins I’ve been hoarding and actually try out some of the recipes. Mission: Accomplished. It just so happens that both of the recipes I tested this week feature tomatoes and basil, and both of them turned out really well! Here’s a peek and the pins:

Caprese Bites1. Caprese Bites: I dug into the archives for this one! I think this was one of the first recipes I ever pinned. It’s been collecting dust at the bottom of the pile, so it was high time to make the digital picture come to life. I made these Caprese bites for our Academy Award party at work. They are super simple to put together and an easy, elegant appetizer for any occasion.

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Tomato Tart2. Tomato and Herb Cheese Tart: This is my take on one of my newest pins. What a stunner, right? If I could only eat one meal a day, it would definitely be brunch. I go a little loco for a good quiche or egg tart. This one was a snap to make. To save time and energy, I used a frozen, deep pie crust (instead of making crust from scratch) and artichoke Allouette herb cheese. Yum!

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Tomato Tart 2


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