Furry Friday #1: Tyson

BeFunky_photo 4.jpg
I’m super excited to launch a new series on the blog today. I’m partnering with the Seattle Animal Shelter to bring you Furry Fridays. I can’t think of a better way to end the week than to profile one of the adorable, adoptable dogs at SAS that have left a paw print on my heart.

Each of the dogs profiled here will either be living in the kennel at the shelter or living in foster homes at the time of the posting. Be warned, their adoptable status could change in the hours and days after the post.

Without further ado, meet the handsome Tyson!  (Petfinder Profile)

Picture courtesy SAS

I got to spend time with this adult, male Chihuahua this week. He stole my heart right away. According to his Petfinder profile, “He traveled a rough road, enduring many hardships before making his way to the shelter. These trials did not slow him down or harden his heart. Instead, it made him want to find his perfect companion even more.”

Picture courtesy SAS

I took Tyson for a walk and then snuggled with him in his run afterward. He was so loving and affectionate! A true Prince Charming who deserves his own castle.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tyson and all the adoptable animals at SAS.

The dogs at SAS have a special place in my heart. The absolute highlight of my week is volunteering as a dog walker on Wednesday mornings. It’s difficult for me as a “night owl” to drag my rear out of bed at 8am on my day off, but seeing those furry faces, wet noses and wagging tails makes it all worth it!

Furry 5K 2013
Furry 5K 2013

It is such a joy knowing that I’m helping to make a difference in the lives of these animals. If not for the volunteers, the dogs might not get to stretch their legs or take a breath of fresh air on a daily basis. Many of the animals are desperate to get a break from the loud and stressful environment in the kennels. Don’t get me wrong, the shelter is a clean and wonderful place (Check out the new renovations!), but listening to barking 24/7 would drive me crazy too! The SAS volunteers literally save lives by training the dogs and giving them one-on-one time which is so critical to making the dogs as “adoptable” as possible.

SAS is a wonderful organization. I invite you to learn more about the shelter and the animals by visiting the SAS website.


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