A Girl’s Take on “Need For Speed”

I don’t know a carburetor from a crankshaft or a Mazerati from a Mercedes and I loathe racing movies, so I really had no business attending a pre-screening of the upcoming movie Need For Speed.
So, what lured me away from my beloved TV on a random Wednesday night? Oh, just a front row seat to see the star of the movie, Aaron Paul, aka Jessie Pinkman from “Breaking Bad”… bitch.
This post has no spoilers!

need for speedOk, I’m honestly not trying to be a name-dropper. How annoying are those people?! Instead, I’ll get right to the point of this post. For a girl who would rather take a 2 hour nap than sit through a movie about fast cars, I was actually pleasantly sucked in to this one. Ok, the special guest might have had something to do with it, but still!
need for speed 3
I had written off this movie after seeing the preview. “Is this the best you can do coming off of the most bad ass show in the history of bad ass shows, Breaking Bad,” I said as I rolled my eyes. But I developed major respect for 4 reasons:
1. After the movie, I found out the actors did a lot/most of the crazy driving themselves.
2. No CGI or totally unrealistic sequences like driving a car down an airport runway for 20 minutes and somehow never reaching the end (I’m looking at YOU Fast and Furious!!!!!!!)
3. No totally cheesy love scenes.
4. Detroit and I-94 get major love in this movie. Detroit What! (Any positive attention that city can get, the better!)
need for speed 2
Is it “Drive,” the best driving movie that I am still obsessing over? No. Is it better than The Fast and the Furious 1- what number are they up to now? HELL YES! And…. I got to hear Aaron Paul say “bitch”, so all in all it was a good night!


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