Rediscovering “Tini Bigs” in Seattle

tini bigs(disclaimer: all opinions are my own)
How do you rediscover a Seattle mainstay that has been open for 6277 consecutive days and counting? (That’s more than 17 years, by the way!) The answer is: by checking out the new menu, and I’m not talking just about the incredible selection of martinis.

Tini Bigs just rolled out a hip new house-ground meatball menu, “choose-your-own adventure” style. I was one of the first to try it out and I found out that ordering your meatballs is almost as fun as eating them.
tini bigs
It’s a 3 step process:
1. Choose Your Meatballs
The selection includes beef, pork, turkey and veggie.
2. Choose Your Sauce
red: sweet and spicy marinara
white: sherry cream sauce and parmasan
pesto: hazlenut, arugula and olive oil
spicy: valentina, honey and cilantro
3. Choose Your Style
in a boat
on a bun
and nude balls

One of each please!

Tini Bigs is well-known for its cocktail selection and Happy Hour, now the owners and managers want to show off their culinary side. In other words, they take pride in their menu and now they want everyone to know it.

Duck Confit
Duck Confit

Here’s a quick sampling:
The Panzanella features buttnernut squash, bacon and brussel sprouts. Yes, I devoured a plate of brussel sprouts and wanted seconds! This plate was a big hit at our table. Mom would be so proud.

Another exciting option was the Duck Confit with bacon, fig bread pudding and arugula.

If you haven’t been to Tini Bigs in a while, swing in and rediscover this gem in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood.


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