Chocolate Wine Bundt Cake

Chocolate Wine Cake 2Is it possible to hit a home run with a “bundt?” I say YES if you’re talking about Chocolate Wine Bundt Cake!

Recipe Here

For my first post-holiday blog post, I wanted to try out my favorite 2013 Christmas gift: my first (and only) bundt cake pans. A telltale sign that you’ve finally grown up has to be getting stupid excited about receiving bakeware as a gift.
Chocolate Wine Cake 3Bundt pans have come a long way. I remember them as being old-fashioned, but these new designs turn cakes into true works of art. Check out the elegant design of this rose bundt.
Chocolate Wine Cake 4I knew I wanted my very first cake to be something special. Enter the Cabernet! I came across this knock-you-out, adult-themed cake recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and it was love at first sight. The recipe includes a Chocolate Wine Glaze, but since I was taking this cake to work I opted to make a booze-free version instead.

Yes, I know the alcohol wears off, but I didn’t want to take the risk of getting all my co-workers tipsy. I’m a little paranoid like that!

Alternate Glaze Recipe:
2 tablespoons butter, melted
3 tablespoons non-sweetened cocoa
1 Cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons hot water
1 teaspoon milk

Chocolate Wine CakeHere’s my takeaway from this recipe:
1. The wine and cherry gelatin add something special to the cake that will have people asking “What is that?” in a good way.
2. Don’t fill your bundt pan too high. I did and I almost had a cake explosion in my oven. This recipe gave me a little too much batter for the size of my pan.
3. Co-workers like to eat cake.


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