Sheraton Gingerbread Village: Nursery Rhymes

Old Woman Who Lived in a ShoeOne of my new favorite Christmas traditions in Seattle is taking a sweet stroll through the Gingerbread Village in the Sheraton downtown. If this doesn’t send visions of sugar plums dancing through your head… I don’t know what will! It is a dazzling, decadent display of candy creativity and it takes all of my willpower not to reach out and pluck a gobstopper or gumdrop off of the icing-covered creations.

This year’s theme brings your favorite Nursery Rhymes to life. Local architecture firms and trade associations team up with the Sheraton’s culinary team. More than 400 hours went into the creation of these gingerbread masterpieces.

The gingerbread castles will be on display in the Sheraton lobby through January 1. The exhibit is free. Donations go to benefit the Northwest Chapter of the JDRF.

See if you can identify some of the Nursery Rhymes that inspired these gingerbread mansions!

Jack and the Beanstalk

London Bridge is Falling Down

Hey Diddle Diddle


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