Seattle’s New Food Truck Hot Spot: Dexter Ave.

Caravan Crepes
On a mission to slay the monotonous lunchtime doldrums, an army of food trucks stake their spots around Seattle. Each day, they pack up their specialties and wander the streets like a band of culinary gypsies. Hungry crowds waving ten dollar bills never seem to be far behind. They flock to the trucks to find something new, something special and something uniquely Seattle to wake up a boring lunch routine.

Now, the food truck army has found a new home in the South Lake Union/Lower Queen Anne area on Dexter Avenue. Organized by Harvey Wolff of Nosh, A revolving carousel of trucks takes up residence at 1415 Dexter. It’s a sweet spot with a mix of office buildings, apartments and condos in the neighborhood. A new truck arrives each weekday to serve the community a little lunch variety.

It was tough, painstaking research, but I managed to work up the necessary appetite to visit each truck last week. I overheard a lot of visitors asking which trucks were coming on which days, so I put together a little guide for the Dexter food truck scene.

Hallava Falafel
Falafel Sandwich

(Trucks subject to change)
MONDAY: Hallava Falafel

An exotic, spicy way to start the week!

Hallava Falafel serves Falafel Sandwiches and Salads, Shawarma (slow roasted lamb and beef) Sandwiches and Salads, Double Dropped Fries, and specials like Curried Pumpkin Soup.

Based in Georgetown, the Hallava traveling truck visits Dexter to feed the lunch crowd on Mondays.

Prices are in the $9 range.

This is not your run-of-the-mill food truck. “It’s all about the food.” That’s the Nosh motto.

These guys take the art of serving food out of trucks to a whole new level with menu items like Confit Rabbit, Roasted Bone Marrow, British Fish & Chips, Rabbit Posole, Classic French Beef Stew, and a Caprese with hand pulled Mozzarella.

Who said Tuesdays were boring?

Prices are in the $10-$11 range and worth every penny.

WEDNESDAY: Caravan Crepes
Caravan Crepes 2
Sweet or savory, that is the question on Wednesdays.

Caravan Crepes offers something to satisfy the sweet tooth and the comfort food cravings.

Savory Crepes:
Hobuck (Black Forest Ham)
Shorty’s (Roasted Charmoula Chicken) ***Best Seller
Wedge (Brie, Prosciutto, Apple)
Crescent (Stewed French Lentils)

Sweet Crepes:
Banana. Chocolate. Toasted Almonds.
Strawberries & Cream
Caravan Crepes 3
“So far the response has been amazing,” said Brook Sumner of Caravan Crepes. “People have been so gracious and are constantly appreciative that we’re there. I’m excited to see how the spot evolves.”

Brook said the Caravan truck is slated to come to Dexter Ave. every Wednesday in November, and if it continues to go well, they will be renewing.

Prices in the $7-$9 range.

THURSDAY: Sam Choy Poke
Sam Choy
No sand? No problem! If you can’t be in the islands, you can at least eat like you’re in the islands.

Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max truck delivers the flavors of the tropics on Thursdays.

Food Truck
Island favorites include:
Big Kahuna Kalua Sandwich (Slow Roasted Shredded Pork)
Fish Sandwich
Shrimp Boat Sandwich
Rice Bowls, Salads and Wraps with Chicken or Poke

What’s Poke, you ask? Poke means to cut or slice. It’s a Hawaiian dish which consists of seasoned raw fish cut into bite-sized morsels.

Price range: $7-$12

FRIDAY: How A Pickle Got Out of a Jam
Pickle jam
Charming name. Charming food truck.
How a Pickle… prides itself on seasonal, local, professionally handmade goodness.

“We cut every carrot, pack every jar of pickles, and form every fish cake by hand.”

The menu is dictated by the season.
Currently in season:
Salt Cod Potato Cakes
Not Your Mama’s Mac & Cheese (5 cheeses with Habaneros, Shredded Pork, Daily pickle)
Grilled PB&J with Homemade Jam
Seattle Cheesesteak
Red, White and Greens
and if you want to get ’em all riled up “Put an Egg On It!”

Price range $7-$9.


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