Bark! Espresso

Bark! Espresso
Cappuccinos and Canines at Bark! Espresso

As a proud, overexuberant, and slightly annoying bulldog parent, I’m always looking for new places to entertain my only child – and in turn, myself. A “Dogs Welcome” sign on a business makes me stupidly happy. That’s why I was so excited to find a coffee shop that not only welcomes dogs… it celebrates them!

Bark EspressoI recently made my first visit to Bark Espresso in North Seattle’s Pinehurst-Northgate area. It was so nice to break out of the Starbucks rut and sip on a cappuccino with my canine pal beside me! (By the way, the coconut cappuccino is my jam!)

Bark has a totally dog-friendly atmosphere. The main coffee area is dog-free for people who are allergic or maybe dog-skiddish. On the other side of the coffee bar lies a separate lounge called the “Hound Hangout.” Dogs and their humans can mix and mingle in a caffeine-induced euphoria.

Check out Rosie chilling on the couch!
Bark! Espresso LoungeThe hangout also features dog-inspired art from local artists, and while it’s not the fanciest area it’s fun to be surrounded with doggie memoribilia. Who are you impressing anyway? My dog is just thrilled to get out of the house and go on an adventure out into the world.

The MENU has your standard selection of caffeinated beverages for those customers with opposable thumbs. Pick your poison – there are tons of latte flavors to choose from like Toasted Marshmellow, Strawberry and Ghiradelli White Chocolate. (Did I mention Coconut!)

Bark Espresso Coffee
Coffee window in the dog lounge

You can also chow down on sandwiches and pastries if you catch too much of a buzz from your breve. Furry friends aren’t left out either. There’s a jar of treats for pooches, and the barista can even whip up some special dog-friendly snacks and drinks.

It was honestly the coolest place! I was a first-timer and the barista working was more than willing to show me around and make sure Rosie and I were comfortable and well taken care of. It was a breath of fresh air.

Seattle Bark EspressoEven the coffee table reading selection catered to the dog lover’s soul. I sat on the couch next to Rosie and flipped through this book of dogs “talking about” their favorite things. We felt right at home.

Bark Espresso LoungeFor all you parents with fur-babies, here’s a short list of some other pet-friendly restaurants in Seattle. And if you know of any others, shoot me a message in the comments section.
Norm’s Eatery & Alehouse
Belltown Pub


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