Battledish: Seattle

The Place: A culinary battleground known as Fremont
The Weapons: Forks, knives and a wicked sense of creativity
The Competitors: 6 of the fiercest restaurants in the “Center of the Universe”
The Prize: To be crowned the King of a competition known as BATTLEDISH

I took part in an incredibly fun and delicious competition over the weekend! Part Iron Chef, part tasty treasure hunt, Battledish pits 6 restaurants against each other to be named “The Best” in a series of categories like “Most Delicious,” “Most Creative,” and “Most Authentic.”

Voters, like me, followed a map to each restaurant and sampled the dish and cocktail each competitor put forward.
Here’s a look at the entries and the Official List of Winners:

1. PIE
Battledish Pie
Check out this sweet trio!
Pie’s Chef Jess Whitsitt sliced up the competition with 3 mini pies: one braised pork shoulder with roasted potatoes and carrot pie, one harvest veggie pie, and a pumpkin pecan pie.

The savory pies are my all-time favorite! Harvest Veggie… hands down. They might be mini, but these one-bite wonders are loaded with flavorful fillings. They must have pastry elves working in the back! I have an overflowing appreciation for how much work and love goes into making a full pie, so I’m in awe of how the crust and fillings were pared down to make these bite-sized morsels of perfection. Pie was my vote for “Most Delicious!”

2. Agrodolce
Battledish Agrodolce
I was most excited to visit this Maria Hines restaurant.
Chef Abby Canfield’s Caponata Ravioli was so beautiful. It looked like art on a plate and it was equally as sumptuous.

This was my vote for “Most Authentic!”

3. Hunger
Battledish Hunger
Hungry for a victory! This dish was so quirky, so creative, and so surprisingly delicious!

Chefs Jamie Mullins-Brooks and Brian Brooks went all in with their Stuffed Dates with house made chorizo and bacon, balsamic reduction, smoked paprika oil and blue cheese ice cream… yeah… blue cheese ice cream!

It was the perfect bite and it was my vote for “Most Creative!”

4. Kylie’s Chicago Pizza
Battledish Kylie's
My final stop of the day was at Kylie’s Chicago Pizza. Deep dish, deep determination to win.
I’ve had their pizza before, so I knew they would bring it in the competition.

This is Chef Lance Brough’s Veggie pizza. The cornmeal crust puts this pizza on another level. I am not a crust girl, but I’ll eat every bite of this pizza every time!

This was my husband’s vote for “Most Authentic” and “Most Delicious!”

The 2 restaurants we didn’t make it to are worthy competitors to be sure. There just wasn’t enough room left in the old pit.

5. Blue C Sushi
Chef Jevic Acain created a Sushi Tasting Trio: One piece of Shikaimaki, one piece nigiri served over shiso rice with sockeye salmon, one piece maki style specialty roll called the Pacific Roll.

6. The Barrel Thief
The Barrel Thief is a wine and whiskey bar. Chef Hattie Mason entered a dessert as her dish: A Theo Chocolate Covered Cheesecake with pecans bourbon-pear sauce and candied thyme.


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