The Cronut Hits Seattle!

The 5 Point Cafe Crodough
Come to momma you sweet, flaky, filling-filled Cronut, you!

I have been waiting months to get my mouth on the hottest pastry to sweep New York since the bagel, and finally they’ve landed here in Seattle!

If you’re not familiar, a Cronut is the brainchild of Dominique Ansel and the love baby of a Croissant and a Donut. (That affair must have been steamy!)

Since I’m not planning to travel to New York any time soon, a knock-off Seattle-style Cronut would have to do. Several local cafes and bakeries have developed their own take on this “it” pastry. You can find the short list HERE.

In a stroke of happy luck, the closest local Cronut creator is right across from where I work! The 5 Point Cafe in Belltown calls their version of the Cronut the “Crodough.”

Behold its flaky goodness:

The 5 Point Crodough
The 5 Point makes different Crodough varieties fresh everyday. Today’s flavor was a Peanut Butter/Jam Crodough. The filling was a little scarce, but since I am such a massive plain croissant fan, It was hard to disappoint me.

I love that such a gritty place like The 5 Point is on top of such a cool culinary trend. Dominque Ansel might have a line out the door and an elegant display case of perfectly manicured pastries, but I ask you: can you eat a cronut as the servers pour wine from a tap and play Die Hard on the TV while the couple next to you talks through a personal crisis at 11 in the morning? I didn’t think so!

Let me know if you find a great Cronut for me to try!


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