Cafe Campagne

Cafe Campagne 1

Sundays are made for brunches, n’est-ce pas? Before I entered the world of working weekends, my favorite Sundays were spent at church, followed by brunch (either at home or out), and nesting – aka cleaning or recovering from a night out on Saturday!

Thanks to the non-stop news business, I rarely get to enjoy Sundays they way they were meant to be enjoyed. C’est la vie! But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from getting festive to celebrate the French holiday, Bastille Day, this year. It was the perfect excuse to text a friend and try out a new-to-me French restaurant in Seattle, Cafe Campagne.

Cafe Campagne 3
Cafe Campagne is billed as “The Heart of France in the Heart of Seattle.” It’s located along Post Alley, right in front of Pike Place Market. It’s a super cute place with indoor and outdoor seating.

All of the usual suspects are on the brunch menu: Croque-Monsieur, Croque-Madame, French Toast Brioche, some very alluring egg dishes, and  Quiche du Jour.

Deciding on what to order is not my strong suit, but if quiche is on the menu… there’s no question. I’m in. Bring it!
Cafe Campagne 2

They had a really amazing special on Bastille Day, Quiche with Butternut Squash with a salad on the side. It was so velvety and so smooth, I probably could have wolfed down another slice… or 4! As good as it was though, I am totally a “the grass is always greener” girl in restaurants. My friend had the Croque-Madame, and I wanted to steal it from her plate. Next time, I’m coming for you, Madame!

If I didn’t have the responsibility of telling the Greater Seattle area about important local, state and world events of the day, I would have splurged on some champagne or a pitcher, er, I mean a glass of a mimosa cocktail. But since drinking before work is frowned upon, I settled for a cappuccino instead. They also have fresh squeezed and sparkling juice which is a great alternative, too!

Campagne’s lunch and dinner menus look equally as magnifique! The Duck Confit Salad, Steak Tartare, and the Truite Aux Amandes (sauteed trout) caught my eye and made me suffer some serious meal remorse. “Yum” doesn’t cut it, but my brain is too distracted to think of a better word 🙂

market flowers
If you visit Cafe Campagne, you might as well make a swing through Pike Place and take in the atmosphere. I couldn’t resist buying a bunch of flowers (for just $5!!) and a few cartons of fresh berries. I have to say, it was a Sunday brunch I won’t soon forget!

I’m always on the hunt for a new French restaurant. What’s your favorite?


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