Furry 5K 2013


Crossing a 5K finish line is a major achievement.
Doing it with hundreds of slobbering, panting, furry, and loyal dogs makes that achievement all the sweeter!
This weekend, I had the privilege of volunteering at the Furry 5K benefitting the Seattle Animal Shelter. It was also the first year I participated in the 5K Run/Walk – I hoofed it with the walkers. Unfortunately, my bulldog Rosie had to sit it out… she would have passed out 1/4 of the way through! Thankfully, we had an amazing turnout this year, and I was surrounded with hundreds of surrogate furry pals on the course.
Get ready for some crazy canine cuteness from this year’s event!


This was my first ever 5K! Actually, it was my first  time participating in any organized walk/run. It was pretty special to walk alongside some passionate dog lovers and finally cross the finish line.

This big boy was one of the first dogs to come say “hello” at the registration booth I was working. Such a good poser!

Of course I had to make a pit stop at the bully booth. These sweethearts are with Bulldog Haven NW, an incredible bulldog rescue that needs foster and forever families. Check out out Stewie… he knows how to “speak” and “shake!”
This shaggy guy caught everyone’s eye! I never caught his breed, but his fur reminded me of a Swiffer duster.
BeFunky_photo-23.jpgHere’s a few more shots of the ruff’ing rock stars of the Furry 5K. They are pawsitively awesome!







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