Norm’s Eatery and Alehouse


I recently took my dog on a date! We went to an actual restaurant and had lunch together at Norm’s Eatery and Alehouse in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. I know what you’re thinking… someone’s a little crazy! But give me a moment to explain.
We had an early spring heat streak in the Northwest. After being cooped up by plenty of “liquid sunshine” all winter, I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy some actual sunshine than to take my bulldog to the dog park for the first time this season. But why stop there when you can make a whole day out of it?! Reason #467 why I love Seattle: many restaurants are dog friendly! And so, my mommy-doggy date was underway!


Norm’s is one of my favorite doggy date spots. They let Rosie come right inside the restaurant where she sat quietly under my booth… waiting for me to “drop” a fry every now and then! It’s nice that they don’t force you to tie up your pets outside or wait for outdoor seating. Rosie’s a big baseball fan too, so she was pretty fascinated by the Mariners game on TV!

This is totally a non-pretentious, sit-back-and relax, neighborhood style pub that just happens to have a fondness for furry, four-legged customers…  and their owners too! I’m obsessed with their mascot and namesake – a Golden – and all the dog themed decor. You can even order a “Doggie Bowl” aka, their daily food special.

The menu at Norms is much what you’d expect from any pub-style restaurant: burgers, sandwiches, salads, mac n cheese (bonus!), salads and of course some great beer. Georgetown beer on tap -suds me!
I had the Spinach & Pear salad, and Rosie and I split a bowl of fries – they were salt and pepper fries, pretty simple but they were totally addictive. I told everyone Rosie ate most of them!
So, you know how some couples have “their place.” Their regular, romantic spot and that booth in the corner where they like to sit. Is it weird that I now have a “place” for my dog and I?! Thanks, Norms!


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