My Favorite Things: Spring Edition!

There’s something about Spring:
The first day that it’s warm enough to leave the jacket at home.
The pops of color that suddenly spring up in storefronts, billboards and flower beds.
The feeling that the worst of the grey days are behind you.
It all makes me want to get outside and celebrate life a little harder than I did the day before!

Today I decided to forget some of the troubles weighing on my mind and spend part of my day running around Seattle marveling at the “little Spring things” that just make me happy.

Wild Tulips Growing Outside My Building

So, here’s a look my “Favorite Spring Things” that take me to my happy place, and how you can get there too!

Tahari Spring Dresses @ Nordstrom Rack

1. Bright Spring Dresses and Shoes
My Spring color obsession is Tangerine. These bright Tahari sleeveless dresses at Nordstrom Rack triggered a major endorphin release! I’m a black and white girl, but these dresses make me want to wear color every day!

Hot Pink Accessories @ Express

2. The Power of Pink
Channeling my inner Barbie doll. I know bubble gum pink should be reserved for girls under the age of 10, but I can’t help myself. I’m officially obsessed with hot pink. Man, am I going to regret this fad, but for now it makes me happy, so I’m going with it!

Trophy Cupcakes

3. Trophy Cupcake Run
I treated my eyes, so now it’s time to focus on the taste buds with a little box of Trophy Cupcakes. Unfortunately, these were a gift for the awesome crew at my apartment building at the Dexter Lake Union. Lets just say I’ve been very needy lately. Back to Trophy… their April flavor of the month is Luscious Lemon Merengue Pie. Oh, how you know my weakness in life!

4 Box of Trophy Cupcakes. Vanilla Vanilla... Very Nice!
Snoqualmie Lavender Ice Cream

4.Snoqualmie Lavender Ice Cream
This, I did eat! Snoqualmie, you are my everything! I am living and breathing lavender this Spring and this ice cream takes me to heaven on a little lavender cloud of delicate flavor goodness. A bit dramatic, but taste it and you’ll totally see what I’m talking about.

Pelindaba Lavender Body Spray, Lotion, Shampoo From San Juan Island

5. Pelindaba Lavender Products
Staying on the lavender train: this farm on San Juan Island makes the most incredible lavender products from homegrown lavender. I have the body spray, lotion, shampoo, and body wash. A little spritz of the body spray each night washes away the craziness of my day and helps me drift off into dream land!

Ahhhh... Seattle!

6. Eating, Reading, Walking & Doing Pretty Much Anything Outside
After my months-long standoff with winter, I am breaking out of my bunker… heading to the roof deck and completing as many activities as I can in the warmth while it’s here.

My Heart... Rosie!

7. Bulldog Love
No list of happiness-inducing things would be complete without my heart, Rosie. She is my everything.


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