The Old Salty Dog – Sarasota

Dogs… and Dogs! We’re talking about the “Hot” and “Canine” variety.
One of my favorite restaurants in Florida combines two of my favorite things for the perfect laid back, flip flop wearing, salt in your hair dining experience: The Old Salty Dog in Sarasota.

I just got back from a mini-vacation visiting my parents and sister in Florida. Turns out, it was colder and windier in “paradise” than it was back home in Seattle. Laying on the beach was not gonna happen… but we still indulged in some tropical shenanigans with some fun tropical dinner outings! A visit to  The Salty Dog is a tradition in my family. We’ve been going there for 20+ years, and unlike the name, it never gets “old.”

Eating Doggie Style

I knew this place was right up my alley when I saw the restaurant’s mascot: a huge picture of a BULLDOG! If only Rosie (my bulldog) could have made the trip, she would have felt right at home snoozing on the easy breezy patio. Instead, I had to settle for taking a picture next to their giant billboard!

If you do bring your furry friend along, they can eat al fresco right beside you in a specially designated “doggie dining” area. Very dog friendly!

The puppy love is everywhere at this place… from the signs depicting different dog breeds above the bar, to the doggie bowls holding your condiments on the table. It’s the fun doggie details that really makes a dog lover like me miss the pet they left behind… and make me want to move back to Florida… stat!

What To Eat?

The Salty Dog and Veggie Side

You can’t walk away from the table without ordering The Salty Dog’s signature dish: “The Salty Dog,” of course!

It’s a 1/4 pound hot dog, dipped in batter and fried to a golden brown with toppings like cheese, sauerkraut, onions, mushrooms and bacon.

They also have great Grouper Sandwiches
Fish Tacos
Raw or Steamed Oysters
Conch Fritters
Fish and Chips

and Key Lime Pie


Vacations are all about making memories, having fun, and slipping away into a fantasy, if only for a brief amount of time. How can you not reminisce with a smile about a restaurant that doesn’t take itself too seriously, is full of dog references, and still delivers seriously good seafood and vacation food/cocktails. This was one stop of many to The Old Salty Dog for my family and I, and, God willing, it won’t be the last.

Until the next vacation…

What’s your favorite vacation restaurant?


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