Lox Sandwich

People always say going out to eat alone is scary and embarrassing – as well it can be – but for me it’s also empowering and a lot of fun. Exhibit A) I don’t have to worry about making conversation. Exhibit B) I can chow down as unladylike as I want. And most importantly, Exhibit C) I get to choose the place without worrying about pleasing anyone else! This week my solitary dining compass landed on Homegrown in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. It’s a sustainable Sandwich shop that I just discovered! Yeah… we’re a match made in heaven!

I love fresh vegetables, homemade meals, locally made products and – yes – knowing that the animals on the farms have been raised responsibly and with dignity. If that makes me an ultra annoying tree hugger… so be it! Homegrown meets all those criteria… oh… and their food is delicious too!

Portobello & Goat Cheese Sandwich

The Homegrown philosophy is “to create sandwiches out of sustainable ingredients,” and “to make sandwich creation sustainable itself.”

Most of their cheeses, meats, eggs and beverages come from sustainable and local sources right here in the Washington/Oregon area… so it’s all truly “homegrown.”

Also, all of their serving materials are compostable and recyclable. I’ve always had a really hard time throwing garbage away, ( I did a whole project on it in college – even conned my way into a garbage dump to get video!) so knowing that my lunch is easy on the environment makes it even easier to digest!

As for the menu, it was like candyland to me! So many healthy choices! Portobello & Goat Cheese on homemade bread, Ham and Beechers Cheese, Seasonal Squash and Snap Pea Pesto, Wild Lox and Herbed Cream Cheese… just to name a few. They also have fresh soups that change every day. And breakfast sandwiches are served all day long… score!

I went back 2 days in a row because I wanted to order one of everything! Between the Portobello and Goat Cheese and the Wild Lox – the Portobello sandwich was my favorite. You can’t go wrong with Goat Cheese – write it on my tombstone!

The Fremont Troll

If you’re in the neighborhood – and can find a parking spot (that’s always the biggest challenge) – you might as well take a short walk to see one of the coolest features of Fremont: The Troll. He lives under the bridge just a few streets down from Homegrown.

So creepy! But so cool! It’s a big reason why I love Fremont so much. It has a lot of quirky character. I’ve lived in Seattle for almost 2 years and this was the first time I actually took the time to get out of my car and get a close-up look at the Troll. On the weekend, the streets are so packed with cars it’s too much of a headache, but on a Tuesday at 1pm it wasn’t so bad. One of the perks of having a Tuesday-Wednesday weekend, I guess!

So to wrap up, all you loner eaters out there: stay strong and enjoy exploring!!!!


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