If I could quit my TV job and do a total 180 fantasy career change, running a neighborhood bakery would be high on my list – second only to island caretaker or travel writer, and tied with neighborhood bar owner. Think about it, no one’s ever in a bad mood going to the bakery. It’s the place where you order birthday cakes, wedding cakes and desserts for parties. It’s where you splurge on decadent treats and satisfy cravings. FACT: Bakeries just make people smile. That’s why I’m so happy I found Pie in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. It’s my new “happy place.”

National Pie Day was last week and I thought it would be the perfect time to stop in “Pie.” (Actually, it was the day after, but who’s counting) I’ve passed Pie so many times driving through Fremont, but for this trip, it was my destination for lunch and dessert. Bring on the double dose of crust!

Cauliflower Gratin

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Pie specializes in both sweet and savory pies that are made fresh each morning.

Some of the savory selections include Chicken Pot Pie, Mac & Cheese w/Peas, Meat Pie, Broccoli Cheddar… and my choice… Cauliflower Gratin!


Coconut Cream

They also have you covered on the sweet side: Peach, Key Lime, Pumpkin Chai Spice, Gluten Free Berry… and my choice… Coconut Cream… just to name a few!

The pies come in cute individual serving sizes, and they offer a combo deal: one savory and one sweet pie for a very affordable price. The menu changes daily so it’s always a pleasant sur-pies! If you follow Pie’s twitter feed, they’ll tweet out the day’s menu so you’ll never miss your favorite pie day. Yay for Twitter!

Pie is a definitely a slice of  happiness. You just can’t feel grumpy when you’re surrounded by fresh-out-of-the oven goodness all day. Keep living my fantasy, Pie, and I’ll keep enjoying every bite!


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