How to Open a Pomegranate

Pretty Pomegranate Arils

The pomegranate and I have history… deep history. Before I was enlightened on how to successfully open this exotic fruit, I successfully stained our white college carpet a deep shade of red. My face… matched. For some reason, my roommate and I (probably at my insistence) bought a pomegranate one day and I proceeded to crack that baby open without a care in the world. In seconds, the arils (juicy seeds) spilled EVERYWHERE. And if you don’t know already, as soon as the arils land.. they break. Needless to say, I inflicted undue and unnecessary frustration onto my dear roomie for which I am still sorry! 😦 (We can laugh about it now… right? Still too soon?)

Anyway, you would think I’d have learned my lesson, but through the years I still managed to stain some nice shirts trying to “tippie toe” around opening a pomegranate. Those arils will get away from you no matter HOW careful you are. But I learned a neat trick that will save you a load of laundry and perhaps a trip to Walgreens to buy carpet cleaner. So, here’s a step-by-step guide for opening a pomegranate without cherry-bombing your entire home. Good luck!

STEP ONE: Place a lining of paper towel over a cutting board to help prevent staining.

Cut the ends off of both sides of your pomegranate.

Score the pomegranate skin

STEP TWO: Using a knife, make four scores on each side of the pomegranate to make it easier to break the sections apart.

A bowl of water is a carpet/white shirt saver!

STEP 3: Fill a medium sized bowl about half-way full of cold water. Take your scored pomegranate and – under the water – break apart the scored sections. They should come apart fairly easily.

Take each section and – under the water – pick the arils off of the white membrane. The arils will go to the bottom of the bowl, the loose pieces of membrane will float to the top making it easy to pick the non-edible membrane out of the water.

And you're done!

STEP FOUR: Once you’ve picked out all the loose pieces of white membrane from the water, drain the arils in a colander. Your juicy, sweet arils are now ready to eat! Keep them covered in the fridge.

Not sure how to eat the pomegranate arils? You can pop them in your mouth by the handful, but coming up on my blog… I’ll be showing you some fun ways to incorporate the fruit into your meals!


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