Rest In Peace, Shoes!


Shoe down… shoe down!

RIP summer wedges. Nice to know you, fall booties. You have officially become “bulldog bait.”

I’m convinced that dogs are a shoe store’s best friend… and a fashionista’s worst enemy. It’s like Nordstrom and Payless hide bacon in the soles or something just to keep us coming back for more, am I right? I’m sure you see where I’m going with this…

I love my bulldog, Rosie, unconditionally but this week she tested my patience, my sanity and my bottom line when she devoured the latest in a string of  shoes – so I thought I’d give my kicks a proper blog-funeral to help me grieve my fashion loss.

I remember each gnarled and mangled shoe I’ve had to bury as if they were still in my closet. The latest “sole” lost was my favorite pair of suede booties… you know… the booties I had just built a new outfit around, only to come home and find the heel had been chewed down to the screw that held it together. GAH!

Bye, Booties

Those were a lost cause, but others I’ve tried to salvage and wear again. Enter my white wedges… wear a long jean with them and you can hardly tell that the back of the heel has been ripped up, or can you?!

Wedges Wasted

Call me cheap, or just sentimental, but I just can’t bear throwing out shoes if there’s even a remote possibility they’re still wearable! It took me months to find these plain black heels. Rosie chewed the bottom platform off one of them. Yes, I limp a little when I walk, but I’m still rocking them!

Heel tip eaten off… still wearable, right?!

I lost sandals-a-plenty when I lived in Florida. Flats are also a favorite. In fact, I don’t think Rosie is choosy when it comes to her taste in footwear. She nibbles the laces of my running shoes when she’s in the mood for something a little more rustic!

She loves the laces!

Now, it’s not all her fault. I take responsibility for being the forgetful one that leaves my shoes on the ground where she can get to them. You’d think I’d learn my lesson, and to a degree I have. My expensive Rachel Roy shoes are not allowed out of the box when they’re not on my feet!

Guarding these babies with my life!

Yes, shoes are her one weakness. Funny thing is: when the bulldog bandit is caught in the act, she knows she’s in the dog house! She cowers and runs in the bathroom to hide. Darn it, but she’s so cute when she’s apologetic that I can’t even get mad or yell at her. What can I say, she’s a master of manipulation and a true connoisseur of clogs 🙂


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