You Can't Make 'Em All: Hunger

I’ve got a hunger… and the only cure, is more Hunger!
I’m so excited to share this restaurant experience with you, ‘cuz it was a great one!
I stopped into Hunger in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood for the first time during Restaurant Week last week, and I was blown away by their food. Ever go to a restaurant and want to try everything on the menu? This was my chance to indulge that foodie fantasy! You got to choose a three course lunch for $15 dollars and let me tell you, it just kept getting better. I definitely got my money’s worth… and then some. I should warn you, they only offer this deal once a year, but they definitely earned a new repeat customer who is willing to pay full price!

Course One: The Spicy Calamari appetizer you see on the left was enough to satisfy my “hunger” right off the bat. It was kind of like a tomato-based stew with loads of calamari. Heaven in a bowl! I was full by the last bite… but it was time to press on.

Course Two: A Northwest Seafood Curry. It might as well have been a pot of gold. HUGE mussels, shrimp, and other seafood in a curry broth. The curry was a great twist on the typical seafood bowls you get here in Seattle. I’d definitely order this again!

Course 3: A Curried Bread Pudding with Orange Glaze. I’ve never had bread pudding before, and while the idea of carbs in a bowl is a bit of a turn-off to me, I have to admit this dessert was pretty delicious. “Just one bite” turned into two.. and then three… and then everything short of licking the bowl clean. I was in public, after all!

Wouldn’t you know, today my hairdresser also recommended Hunger to me today for weekend brunch. So, why do they call it hunger? I didn’t leave hungry, but I can say with certainty I’m definitely hungry for more~


3601 Fremont Ave N

Seattle, WA 98103


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