Daily Dose of Dog

Sloppy, sloppy kisses!

Rosie and I are enjoying a mini-vacation this week brainstorming meal ideas and loving every second together. Hope you have a great Tuesday. Here are some doggie tips and positive thoughts to kick off your daily dose of dog!

**If you have a moment, please check out this plea for the Bulldog Haven NW. They have a record number of foster bulldogs that need good homes and special care. Thanks to Fresh Jess for bringing attention to these dogs who are desperately awaiting their furr-ever homes!

Ready for my close up!

**Baby wipes and Desitin are a bulldog’s best friend and worst enemy. They do a great job of cleaning the folds and moisturizing, but get ready to see them pout after you scrub their dirt. Rosie hates to have her face cleaned!

Taking a break from Online BlogCon

**My goal in life is to be as a good a person as my dog thinks I am!
Author Unknown


**Positive Reinforcement goes a long way. When your pet is learning a new behavior, reward him every time he/she does the behavior. This is called continuous reinforcement. For more tips on training your dog with treats/praise, the Humane Society of the United States has a very helpful writeup!


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