Yappy Hour Benefit For The Seattle Animal Shelter

Already under the table...

How do you make Happy Hour even happier? By inviting dozens of dogs to the party, of course!

Belltown Pub was kind enough to host “Yappy Hour” for the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation on Wednesday from 5:30-7:30. We got to try some irresistible coctails like the Shelter-tini, Whisker Sours, and Cosmo-paw-litans (very creative names!). 20% off all the special drink sales went to the foundation, and judging by the tremendous turnout (both from man and man’s best friend alike) the foundation received a big boost of support! Lets give them a round of a-paws!

Dogs of every shape and size joined the celebration… from St. Bernards to tiny Chihuahuas. It was so fun to see animal lovers and their pets enjoy an evening out together. And I must say, the dogs behaved themselves very well… possibly better than most humans behave at the bar! Rosie, our bulldog, had to sit this one out. She can get very excited and hard to handle with too much going on, but I was happy to make friends with a few more four-legged friends.

Here are some of my pictures from the event:

Where's the waitress, I need a Whisker Sour!
Who's gonna tap the keg?
Who's that beautiful poodle over there?
A good "dog watching" crowd!

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