The Olive and Grape

Fine dining in a garage? Why not. I call it garage gourmet, and it set the scene for my latest dining detour in Seattle at “The Olive and Grape.” I discovered this Turkish/Italian restaurant with the help of Groupon (I love adventure-eating and saving money at the same time!). This time, our Grouponing steered us to the Greenwood neighborhood with it’s “small town hidden in the big city” vibe.

The Rolling Garage Door Keeps it Funky

Back to our garage-dining experience, before you get the wrong idea, we didn’t eat out of some Turkish guy’s shed next to a broken down Pinto or anything like that. The restaurant is tucked in a row of shops and restaurants in “downtown Greenwood”. What gives it a “garage gourmet” vibe is the rolling garage door that serves as the entrance. You kind of feel like you’re eating at someone’s home, and on a warm summer night, the Al Fresco experience is definitely romantic!

The Bar Across From Our Table

As I mentioned, this is a Turkish/Italian restaurant, quite the combination, I know! I love trying food from foreign and exotic cultures, so I was interested in what “Turkish food” would taste like. Turns out, it’s very similar to Greek food. There were a lot of different lamb options on the menu, and dishes that reminded me of Moussaka and Pasticcio. My husband is crazy for lamb and, against my inner vegetarian begging me not to eat sweet, adorable “lamb chop,” he’s got me hooked, too. He tried the “Turkish Grill Lamb Trio” with lamb cooked three ways, and I had the marinated lamb kebab called “Izmir-Style Kuzu Sis.” I think we both agreed, mine was the best. It had that true “lamb” taste.

Dinner can be a bit pricey, but the Groupon made it much more affordable. It’s a great way to experiment with new places without ending the night fuming over having spent a fortune if the food and service is really lackluster. Time to roll the garage door down on this edition of “You Can’t Make ‘Em All!”


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