Cool Bed III

Rosie on her Cool Bed III

Heat and bulldogs mix as well as oil and water. Their smooshy noses and habitual breathing problems make them especially susceptible to heat stroke, so you can imagine how desperate I was to keep Rosie cool during the recent streak of 90 degree weather here in the Pacific Northwest. To top it off, we live on the 9th floor with no A/C. Our apartment turned into an oven and poor Rosie was roasting in it!

In a frantic display of puppy parenting, my husband and I scoured the internet for ideas on how to cool down our beloved pup. We settled on ordering a cooling bed from Amazon. Couldn’t hurt! At best, she would be safe while we are at work. At worst, she would have to resort to laying on the cool tile in the bathroom. We decided to give it a try. Here’s how it went:

*There are different sizes of cooling beds available: small, medium and large. You can choose a custom fit for your pooch.

*We got the medium bed for our 55 pound bulldog. It fits her ok, but she kind of hangs off the front. A “large” probably would have fit her better so she could sprawl out.

*Each bed comes with a sheet of complete instructions. It’s pretty easy to figure out.  All you have to do is add water and it activates a cooling gel pad inside the bed. The instructions tell you how much water to add to each bed size.

*Filling the bed. The directions specify water by the gallon, so naturally I used an old milk gallon for a good estimate. There’s a spout on the bottom of the bed, just like a floaty raft, to pour the water in and it seals up tight. Very little hassle or mess. It’s just like a doggie water bed!!!

Out Of The Packaging

*Convincing Rosie to lay on the bed was the biggest challenge. It has a texture similar to those big, puffy floor mats we used to use in gym class. Not the most glamorous slumber space. I used some treats to coax her onto it the first time. Once she was used to the bed being around, she would go to it on her own.

*Is it cool? Ah, the million dollar question, right?! If you’re expecting a shock of cold on your skin, you’ll be sorely disappointed. It certainly doesn’t feel like it came out of the freezer or anything. I pushed my forearms down on the matt for a couple minutes, and yes, it felt “cool” but not to an extreme. I think it has about the same cool factor as a cool tile floor. Where it might prove its worth is the continual feel of cool on her belly as opposed to the tile where it eventually warms underneath her. We pointed a fan at the bed to maximize the cool factor, and Rosie seemed to enjoy it.


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