Homemade Mojito

I’m “mixing” it up today. That’s right… it’s time to get my mixology on!
I set out to make one of my all-time favorite drinks today: the Mojito. It seemed too complicatedly-delicious to make this Cuban drink at home, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying yet! By stroke of good luck, I already had mint leaves in the fridge from my Mint, Watermelon and Feta salad... and I could think of no other way to put them to good use.
Turns out, muddling your own Mojito at home isn’t as hard or complicated as it seems. You don’t need a million different ingredients, bottles of alcohol or mixers, and you don’t need to have the magic hand of a master mixologist to create the perfect concoction. All i have to say is, “thank you Cuba, for giving us this masterpiece!”

Let me take you step by step through my Mojito-making process… and CHEERS!

The key to your drink is lime and mint… so colorful and fragrant.
Muddling is half the fun of drinking your Mojito because it smacks you in the face with this incredible aroma.
Ok – so throw a lime wedge and about 6-10 mint leaves in your glass, depending on the size, then add 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar.

Now you’ll want to muddle, or crush, the mint, sugar, and lime to release those delicious oils. Don’t have a muddler? Neither do I! I used the thick flat end of a ladle. Hey, we do what we have to do in a pinch, but I now think a muddler might be an excellent addition to my cocktail cupboard!

Add ice to your glass and a shot glass full of white rum… I used Bacardi… then mix to dissolve your sugar. Mmmm, it’s gettin’ good now!

Finally, you’ll want to fill the rest of your glass with about a cup of soda water. You can use club soda or tonic water. I prefer tonic, it’s a tad sweeter than club soda.

Garnish that piece with a lime wedge…. and a taste of Havana awaits!


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