Book Club Cuisine: Salvage the Bones/Tilikum Place Cafe

Where do I start, where do I start? I have a lot to say about this month’s book club selection and our field trip for brunch. Let’s begin with the book, shall we?
I’ll start by saying, this is in no way going to win “feel good novel of the year.” I have never been so disturbed and depressed by a book that I literally could not read the words on the pages. An entire chapter… skipped!
“Salvage the Bones” is about a black family living in rural, poverty-stricken Louisiana just days before Hurricane Katrina hits. One of the teenagers in the family is involved in dog fighting – a subject that breaks my heart – the 12 or 13-year-old girl learns she is pregnant, they have no food to eat, and all the while a massive hurricane is looming for which the family is ill-prepared. Depressed yet?
I won’t poo-poo this book completely. I have to say I’m glad I read it for the simple fact that this is reality. This is the world real people are living in, and for once I didn’t want to turn a blind eye and pretend as if it’s not there.

Click this picture for a link to the website

Ok, on to the ray of light in this experience. We decided to break the mold and have our  book club at a restaurant this month, so this post is pulling double duty in my “You Can’t Make ‘Em All” category!
Tilikum Place Cafe is a boutiquey, contemporary restaurant in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. Lets just say it was nice to get a cappuccino delivered in an actual ceramic cup instead of the cardboard cups I’ve grown accustomed to from Starbucks.

Quiche and Wilted Greens

This place had some really inventive selections.
For brunch, I had baked eggs with wilted onions topped with herb bread crumbs. Another popular item are the dutch babies: a baked pancake stuffed with either sweet or savory fillings. They also have daily specials on quiches and eggs benedict. It felt a little bit like a Paris cafe, so if you’re craving a 6-egg omelette or a greasy pile of eggs and bacon, better find another place.

It’s probably not somewhere I would take my husband. While the food was very good, it’s just not his style. But it was a great location for a bunch of girlfriends to get together and have a special, “fresh squeezed orange juice” breakfast.


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