A Streak of Recipe Flops

In my mission statement, I promised to bring you my triumphs and my failures in the kitchen. This post is all about the latter, unfortunately. I’ve been riding such an awesome winning streak lately that I should have known it would all come crashing down on my pots and pans. I was due for a few flops, and boy did I get them!

Kitchen Disaster #1  Moroccan Chickpea Soup

I can’t take all the blame for this unsuccessful soup, but I can definitely say I contributed to it’s downfall. I found a recipe online for a “Moroccan Soup.” The ingredients were simple to find, and my selection at Target was limited, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. What I failed to foresee was that the recipe was doomed from the start. I felt the flavor combinations in this recipe did not mesh well: fire roasted tomatoes, chilies, granny smith apples, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, coconut milk and curry.

My biggest problem was the mixture of tomatoes, apples and coconut/curry. The profiles just did not come together for me. I felt it either needed to be tomato-based or coconut/curry based, but the two together just had a nasty clash in my mouth. Also, I’m not sure how authentically “moroccan” this dish was. I guess I need to take a trip to find out!

The picture looks good, right? Dont be fooled!

As for my contribution to the disaster: in an effort to be health conscious, I used low-fat coconut milk instead of full fat. DON’T DO IT PEOPLE. Just suck it up and use the regular milk. The non-fat makes your curry dish very watery instead of thick and rich like it should be.

As much as I hated to do it, most of the soup went down the drain. Hopefully the garbage disposal enjoyed it more than I did!

Kitchen Disaster #2 Zucchini Chips

I had high hopes for this recipe, but It went the way of the garbage can as well. I was watching TV the other night, eating chips, and I thought “there has to be a better, healthier snack that is just as crunchy, salty and delicious.” There are endless recipes for zucchini chips online, so I decided to play with them and make my own version of Salt and Vinegar chips. Somewhere along the line, it all went wrong. My “chips” never got “chippy.” They were just soggy.

Zucchini Chip Fail

There could be several culprits for this one: I coated the zucchini in too much oil, I didn’t let them bake long enough (even though they baked double the time suggested), or perhaps the slices were too thin.

Whatever the cause, these chips were a lost cause. They did taste good as roasted vegetables though – if I’m ever inclined to make roasted zucchini, I’ll know how to do it.

Moving forward: I’m not giving up. I plan to try again and perfect these things. I’m determined to be successful at making vegetable chips so I don’t feel completely guilty when I crave a salty, late-night snack.


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