Time to explore the menu at your local Korean Barbecue. I had my first taste of Bibimbap this week and it made the cut for my latest edition of “You Can’t Make ‘Em All.”

I’m a newly converted fan of this signature Korean dish. Let me break it down for you: ya got rice, zucchinis, carrots, mushrooms, sprouts, sliced beef and a fried egg all in a screamin’ hot stone bowl. Bibimbap essentially means ‘mixed meal’ and for good reason. When it’s served, you mix all that goodness together. The bowl is so hot, it continues cooking the meal as you eat and it makes the rice all crispy on the bottom. SO. GOOD. The presentation kind of reminds me of a fajita… Korean style. The dish is smoking, steaming and screaming. Very theatrical.

Typically, your dish is served with several sides or appetizers. You can see them lined up behind my bowl in the picture. Pickled sprouts, kimchi, fish cakes, potatoes, cucumbers, and a little miso soup. What a spread! It’s fun to taste each one and choose your favorites.

My next goal is to actually try the Korean Barbecue at a Korean Barbecue joint. Table side grilling seems like a fun date night adventure.

What’s you’re favorite Korean dish?

Until next time!


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