Top Ten Joys of Owning a Bulldog

10. Face Wrinkles! They may be number 10, but they’re actually one of my favorite features. I honestly couldn’t think of a better place to start. A bulldog just wouldn’t be a bulldog with out that scrunchy, smooshy, adorable face. No Olay or Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty needed here!

9. The Overbite! “Grrrrr, I look mean, but I’m really a big baby.” Rosie can make some people so uncomfortable in the elevator… If they only knew how scared and skiddish she really is.

8. Farting. No dancing around it, these dogs can let em rip! Loud and stinky, silent but deadly… You wouldn’t believe how gassy they are! It may be extremely unladylike, but it makes me giggle every time. Plus, you can always “blame it on the dog.”

7. Big Bellies. These stumpy dogs are short, fat, and they are built SOLID. Lord have mercy, lifting one can be equated to lifting a bag of fertilizer. Unless you’ve got some muscle, you’re not going far. She looks like a turkey ready to be suffed when she lays on her back!

6. Snorting and Snoring. Not so cute when you’re trying to fall asleep or take a road trip in the car, but I fall in love when she’s having a dream or is sleeping hard on the couch.

5. Lazy. All I have to say is, thank goodness we don’t have a hyper dog that needs constant stimulation. My husband and I can be major couch potatoes and that’s just fine by Rosie.

4. Going For a Ride. You would think you had just asked her if she wanted a king-sized steak. She starts running around the house, snorting and slobbering. She gets so excited that she wags her whole butt because her tail is tucked in like a corkscrew!

3. Drool. Is that a faucet or your mouth? When it’s dinner time or treat time, the slobber comes pouring out of her overbite in a stream of gooey, stringy drool. There’s no fighting it: The carpet will get wet and gross! Pavlov’s dogs ain’t got nothing on this lady. Bonus: slobbery kisses are the best!

2. Hopping. My dog is part canine, part bunny. When it’s time to go out she hops around the house from her front legs to her back legs. It’s so stinking cute.

And the number one joy of owning a bulldog:

1. Taking a Snooze Together. Yes, I spoon my bulldog when she’s not too squirmy. I’m not ashamed to admit it. We like to take naps together when the sunshine hits the couch just right. It’s my favorite part of the day and a treasured memory I’ll keep when she’s gone.

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Joys of Owning a Bulldog

  1. Oh how I totally agree with this post! Dozer is the exact same as Rosie! Snores, Slobbers, Squishy, Muscles, and car rides are his fav!! He actually gets disappointed when we take him for a walk, he’d rather go for a ride, lol.

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